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Aries Daily Horoscope for March 15, 2014

Feel free to take full advantage of the very open social energies of today, Aries. You, especially, will feel at home in any social gathering, totally at ease talking to new people and charming the room. This would be an ideal day to meet someone new. Someone of the opposite sex may be particularly attracted to you. Feel free to be as flirtatious as you want!


Relationships have a wonderful flowing quality today, thanks to the planets' alignment. This is a very positive time to celebrate your togetherness and to strengthen the bond between you. Of course, in your case this may not be a candlelit dinner for two, but something a bit more daring and adventurous - an outing that involves some kind of challenge. When you are both tired out, then you can relax happily.

Single's Love - What's cooking? Use the power of a home-cooked meal to impress that new cutie in your life. Invite them over for supper and show off what you can do. Remember that you don't have to be a professional chef -- just put some love in the mix and you've got them begging for more.

Couple's Love - Don't worry too much about remembering every last detail on your sweetie's list. You should be able to deal with it by making sure you're on top of what they see as most important.


Are you tired of your attire? Bored of your baubles? You don't need to toss everything to get a fresh start. Flashy earrings, a pair of shoes that goes from day to night -- a few key items are all you need to get the fashion engine running and in gear.


Your lesson today will be one that is echoed to you over the next four weeks. Be more stable and conservative in your approach instead of being haphazard or reckless. Although you are a fan of innovation, you must also learn to respect tradition.


There is a planetary configuration now that might force you to look at your whole approach to physical health and say "Yuck!" or "C'mon, let's step it up!" Be appreciative of the insights you have when you feel upset with things - there is much to be said for starting over with a new approach. One small step that is important for you to take, is a serious look at posture - especially when you are at your desk. This can help you to avoid back and shoulder pain.

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